This is our pleasure to interview with Mr.David Chua, he developed the "Asia Exclusive" project....
Mr. David Chua
Hasbro Asia
Regional Customer Strategy &
Marketing Director,

D= Mr. David Chua

T: Hi David , for the past several years, we have seen some spectacular Transformers items called " Asia Exclusive " , can you tell us what is this project all about? , and how did you come up with the plan ?

D: Our goal is fulfilling the dream of Transformers fans. Transformers fans are very professional and their taste is sophisticated. We always challenge ourselves to make the ultimate toys which they would want to own and proudly display. Our ideas always come from the feedback of fans, we would discuss and work closely with our partner at Takara Tomy to work out the plan.

T: What are the difficultly you are having while proceeding the project?

D : Timing and the increasing production cost is most difficult part of the project. Taste and trend are ever-changing, we must try to launch the right product at the right timing and of course right pricing.

T: How do you select on which series or character to be including in the project?

D: There is no exact formula on this topic. We would consider the popularity of series/character, also the room for product improvement.

T: Last but not least, can you share with us what is currently in planning, and what are we expecting to see?

D: We are not going to give it away for now, but we promise something big would happen in the near future. So stay tuned!

T: David, thank you for your precious time.
D : You are much welcome.

Something "Big" will happen? TransformerAsia.com will follow on that for sure !! Stay tuned!