Shanghai Cybertron Con 2010
Event Poster
Venue : Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Center.
Opening Ceremony
Outdoor Enterance
Fancy Matrix of Leadership-shaped doorway, displaying the history of the Transformers toyline inside.
Giant Allspark Cube section encompassing installation displaying recent, currently available and upcoming toys.
Tons of Showcase
Art gallery with live-action movie Optimus Prime voice changer helmets painted in various colours and patterns.
Guests focusing on the Displays
Panel Sessions
Drawing Workshop
Families with Show Girls
23 ft. tall BUMBLEBEE with Hasbro PRC Marketing Team, Regional and Global Team
Everyone attended were full of joy and fun!
Cybertron Con 2010 was held at the Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Center in Shanghai, China, from July 30 to August 3, 2010. Organized by ACTOYS and Hasbro China, it is notable for being the very first Hasbro-sanctioned official Transformers convention in Asia. With a stylized life-size movie Bumblebee (around 23ft tall) welcoming the guest, tons of vintage and newest collections were displayed inside the event and of course including Drawing Workshop, Panel Sessions & Sales Area with licensed products, making this convention completed and successful.